DIY Water-Less Flower Vase


Weddings, birthdays, graduations, and anniversary photos are something we all cherish. I for one love! to keep at least one flower for a keepsake. What do you like to save from a spacial occasion?

It’s nice to have a little something extra by our beautiful photos to help remember the time you spent with your loved ones.

When I saw the sting art going around I thought “hey why not make a vase for my flowers” after all it’s not like we have to water these flowers. which is a plus because my green thumb needs some work.

I had these flowers laying around for a about a year. Before I finally made the string art and boy am I happy I didn’t throw them away.

If you are thinking about saving your flowers, but not sure what to do with them. Give this DIY project a try.


What you will need:

  • String/yarn
  • Small nails
  • a Template
  • Wood
  • Flower live/fake

I ended up using some old wood we had laying around the house. Once you have found the size of wood you want to use, google a template you like best. Lay it on top of the wood.


Then grab your nails and start slowly hammering away. Take your time here, you want to make sure each nail is nicely secured in place. Once you are done placing your nails, slowly take the template out from under the nails. you want to take your time here. This will help serve as a reference point later on.


This is the fun part. Take your yarn and tie a knot around a nail. I like to make a boarder around the bottom. When doing so don’t wrap the yarn around the nails so tight. You want to make sure there is some wiggle room. If you don’t, later on it will start to pull on the nails and they may fall out. We don’t want that to happen. Once you have created a boarder around the bottom start to make a boarder around the top. repeat the same steps. after that you can start to fill in the vase or leave it as is.


lastly add your flowers! and you are done.